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A Week With Apple Watch

So, I’ve had Apple Watch for one week (and some change) and, while it hasn’t changed my life nor made me a better person, it has changed some aspects of the way I interact with various devices throughout my typical day. I wanted to share some random thoughts on the device after having used it long enough to get the “full experience” or pretty close to it.

First, the Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of hardware. Whether you like Apple and its products or not, it’s hard to deny their design prowess. The Apple Watch is exactly what you’d expect from Apple. As with all of their products, one can tell that great care was taken to ensure no unsightly edges or gaps were present. “Of course they did. Everybody does.”, you might be thinking. Well, if that’s the case, explain why the Moto360 steel link band doesn’t meet the edge of the watch face. Some will say it’s nit picking or splitting

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